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Are you struggling on script writing?


Are you still modifying poor

sentence structure?

不清楚镜头分镜 & 拍摄流程,浪费大量时间

Are you not familiar about

shooting procedures?

过程中协助您省下大量的时间 & 精力

Save you time & efforts throughout these processes


Script Writing

物色合适企业的主播/ 演员

Professional Talents provided


One Stop Video Production

Our Brand Video Production 各类型企业宣传影片

Brand Video 企业宣传影片

Storyline Video 故事微電影

Music Video (MV)

YELAOSHR Micro Film 教育行业微电影

Interviewing Video 专访影片

Animated Video 动画影片

Voiceover 配音影片

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The Video Production Partner of Choice for Malaysia's Most Successful Property Developers and Corporations.

Whether it is a corporate video, storyline video, animated video, Kreatads provides one stop video production services.

2023 Latest Trend - You become the PRESENTER of your own video!

Kreatads Studios

Kreatads is Malaysia’s top film & video production house that provide high quality brand video production. Captivate your audience with engaging content that converts.


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