5 Tips of Property Video Shooting in Malaysia

The key to being a great photographer is having an abundance of creativity and passion for your work. A great deal of potential seems to exist for property video shooting. According to some people, photographing rooms and houses is all required. There is, however, a catch. Part-time or full-time work can provide some additional income.

As a real estate photographer, you are responsible for preparing for the shoot, finding clients, communicating with them, and meeting their expectations.

Invest in the Right Equipment

It is a good idea to put aside the notion that you must possess high-end equipment for property video shooting. All you need is a few pieces of camera equipment such as drones for video shooting. Taking photos of a stationary object is an essential part of the fundamental nature of photography, as you have complete control over the object.

It does not mean you require a camera with high frame rates and auto focus that can bracket exposures and trigger flashes for video production. What is this essential tool? The tripod and ultra-wide lens are required. You will be ready to go! You may wish to add a wireless flash, illuminating interiors by bouncing off walls and ceilings.

Real Estate Photography Editing Tools

Having the best tripod or lens won’t make a difference if you aren’t capable of editing video and images. You will need a raw processing program if you wish to edit primary data. Photoshop is required for real estate video production. You will also need HDR processing software. This software allows you to control bracketed images’ tone and batch process them.

Practicing Property Video Shooting

Practice your gear and become familiar with its capabilities before beginning a paid job. By practicing hard, you will be able to provide exceedingly professional outcomes. Using real estate videography in Malaysia, you will gain insight into currently available properties. You should generally take each room’s interior and exterior image and build your portfolio by capturing the right pictures.

Business Portfolios of Property Video Shooting

Your job search cannot be successful until you have built a portfolio. What if you do not have professional images to present to your clients? Fortunately, building a portfolio in real estate is a relatively straightforward process. If possible, take some pictures of your own home or ask a colleague if they own a house you can photograph to begin.

When shooting in public, bring your business card with you. In the meantime, you may want to cold-call real estate agents in the area. Your work may face great competition, and you can promote your work online, sell at local events, or use Search Engine Optimization. You must demonstrate commitment and determination to succeed in real estate photography in Malaysia.

Set the right price

Pricing your services can be a challenging task for any business. You decide what price you will charge for a shoot, editing the images, and offering your services. You should not be charging too much or too little. Get an idea of what your competitors charge. Ensure your pricing covers your expenses and supports your business.

Property Video Shooting in Malaysia varies in price depending on the size and value of the property. Keeping track of your work hours is extremely important regardless of where you start. A week’s worth covers one week.

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5 Tips of Property Video Shooting in Malaysia

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