Golden Tips to use Drone for Real Estate Video Shooting in Malaysia

Drone shots are more appealing than personal visits. They provide a ground-level perspective that adds a certain elegance. Using drones in real estate video shooting can be very helpful in highlighting architectural features. The following guide will help you create great shots and to use them for social media advertising. Learn how to utilize drones to market real estate.


A checklist of everything you must include when you are already taking photos with your drone is essential.

  • Obtain an FAA Part 107 certificate. The FAA rules, restrictions, and standards govern commercial drone operations.
  • A drone is an excellent tool for real estate photography. Ideally, you’ll need a drone with a 3-axis gimbal, a 12MP camera, and 4K video recording. We’d also like an ND filter.
  • Liability and hull insurance for drones are not required but highly recommended. Drone insurance protects you financially from accidents.

1. Take drone footage for Real Estate Video Shooting professionally

Each state has its drone law. A permit is generally required for commercial drone operators. Last, drone operators must know if the featured property is within controlled airspace and follow drone flight rules. You should hire a local drone marketing company whenever you need drone marketing assistance. Licensed and insured companies are also crucial.

2. Drone-ready Real Estate Video Shooting

Please look at a listing before you take a drone real estate video to ensure that its best features are highlighted. When taking a drone video shoot, don’t overlook trash, dirty equipment, or unsightly surfaces. Flowers enhance a property’s landscaping with drone photography tips. Drones take high-resolution videos and photos at impossible angles.

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Golden Tips to use Drone for Real Estate Video Shooting in Malaysia

3. Let the sunshine

With natural light, outdoor photography can be especially compelling if you can harness it. Sunrises and sunsets can create incredible photographs with the glow they emit from the surroundings.

Due to the sun’s low angle at noon, it is possible to take both top-down and low-angle shots. However, photography at noon can be challenging due to harsh lighting. The use of ND filters can greatly minimize glare and prevent overexposure.

When shooting sunrises and sunsets, be cautious to avoid capturing shadows. Shadows can ruin a great image, regardless of how small they are.

4. Get the best drone footage angles for Real Estate Video Shooting

Highlighting the feature property’s best angles is a drone marketing tip. Drone operators, and you can get creative here. Choosing the right angles can transform dull photos into stunning videos: feature architectural details, vibrant colours, or landscape features. You may include nearby or adjacent properties in your video to emphasize the property’s location. An interior room’s height or angle can enhance its prominence.

5. Make your drone Real Estate Video Shooting creative

It’s just as important to real estate video editing as to fly a drone. You should ensure your drone video production company can edit your video. If not, find another source. Make sure you cut out any segments that are unattractive from your video. Your video may also need a transition between scenes and background music. Several special effects are available, along with wide-angle and close-up views of each room.

In conclusion

While drone photography appears straightforward, we have seen too many bad examples to believe it’s as simple as it seems. Drone photography requires some degree of restraint to remain close to the subject.

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